What’s hot in IT: Office 365 migration; When will VoIP kill the telephone; Telstra's cyber security advice; cloud compliance; NFL and Internet of Things

R & G Technologies | September 28, 2015


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1. The great Office 365 Australia migration begins

office 365 migration

Microsoft has begun the process of migrating Australian Office 365 customers to its data centres in Sydney and Melbourne, nine months after first announcing onshore hosting.

Read on to learn what this means for your company

2. When will VoIP kill the telephone?

voip dead

Matthew Proctor: "For my next business, I won’t be getting a telephone number, let alone any handsets. But people will still be able to call me, using just my email address."

When will VoIP kill the telephone?

3. Telstra’s ‘five knows of cyber security’

cyber security

Telstra lives by ‘five knows of cyber security’ when it comes to protecting information across the organisation, according to chief security officer, Mike Burgess.

Cyber security: focus on these five areas

4. Why cloud compliance doesn’t need to be so overly complicated

cloud compliance

Regulatory compliance is an issue that has not only weighed heavily on the minds of executives, security and audit teams, but also today, even end users. Read on to learn why it doesn't need to be hard.

Cloud compliance is all about the data

5. The Internet of Things comes to the NFL

internet things nfl

Every NFL player and stadium will be equipped with RFID sensors and receivers, respectively, this football season, allowing the league to track fine-grained location data for every play.

The Internet of Things comes to the NFL

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