3 ways software development can increase efficiencies in your business

R & G Technologies | May 7, 2015

Did you know that you can increase staff productivity and reduce operating costs by leveraging custom software development?


But, how? In the article, we’ll look at ways you can use software integration, business process automation and custom-built applications to achieve these outcomes.

1. Integrate systems, applications and databases

You likely use multiple systems and more than one database.

Using multiple systems can affect productivity. Searching for information across all your databases is often a nightmare because you need to pull data from multiple places.

Instead of manually using all these different systems and databases, you should consider integrating them together. This will get all your systems talking to each other so you can quickly bring together important information.

For example, most businesses use a CRM and an accounting package. Rather than using both systems to find all the information you need, integrate them into one system so you can pull all the client information and payment details into one central place.

Use cases:

  • Integrate CRM with accounting software
  • Integrate online ERP with local database
  • Integrate marketing automation software and CRM

2. Automate business processes

Custom software development can reduce the time your staff spend doing mundane and repetitive work. By automating these tasks, you can free up their time so they can focus on high-priority work.

For example, instead of manually processing invoices each and every time, you can create software that automates the entire process. By optimising business processes like this one, you can significantly save time, money and resources.

Use cases:

  • Automate invoice processing – import invoices into database
  • Automate inventory management with workflow design
  • Send automatic emails based on customer behaviour on your website

3. Develop a custom application specifically for your needs

Every business is unique. You likely have specific ways of operating that are tailored to your industry. Oftentimes, these unorthodox ways of operating are time consuming and inefficient.

Rather than settling for inefficiency, custom applications can automate and streamline your processes. Instead of paying an employee a full-time wage to fumble their way through your old workflows, you can leverage technology to do the mundane work for you.

For example, we are working with a client who has an old system for invoicing and reporting. Their unique business needs mean they can’t use one of the out-of-the-box software solutions. Essentially, they believe they are stuck with their custom-built solution from the early 2000s.

Our client was resistant to change because they believed the costs associated with custom software development were out of their budget. Fortunately, costs have come down significantly since the early 2000s. Our team is working on a custom solution that will streamline their systems and save them a full-time wage.

That’s a saving of $45K per annum.

Use cases:

  • Speed up time-consuming reporting
  • Simplify complicated workflows
  • Automate duplicate data entry

Conclusion: Streamline operations with smart software development

Technology is changing the way our businesses operate. Customers expect more from you than they did 10 years ago.

To stay competitive, you need to use new technologies to optimise your business for peak performance. You can no longer afford to pay expensive wages for mundane and repetitive tasks that can be streamlined with smart uses of software development.

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