How to approach a quarterly meeting review with an IT provider

R & G Technologies | October 21, 2015


Use your quarterly meeting to review your network health reports and service delivery reports (SLA). This is the perfect opportunity to highlight any concerns you have with your IT provider's service. Don’t be afraid to provide feedback. IT providers want to improve their service, because if they can reduce problems, they reduce their costs.

Problem management review

A review of all problem management tickets should be the first point on the agenda. Go through each and every ticket to get a better understanding of the problems and how your provider escalated and resolved them swiftly.

Now take a few minutes to get an update on all open problem management jobs. Are they being attended to by the right people?

This is the time to voice any concerns about problem management. Again, the most important thing is to ensure that your expectations are being met. If you are not receiving the service you expected, tell your IT provider.

Projects review

Spend some time reviewing completed and open projects. Were completed projects completed on time? What were some common sticking points?

Are all current projects progressing on time? Are there any sticking points you and your IT provider can resolve right now?

Strategy and improvements

Spend some time on strategic IT planning. Take a look at progress on your current ICT roadmap and suggest areas that need to be improved.

IT is constantly changing. You and your IT provider should always be looking for new ways IT can help enable growth and increase productivity inside your organisation.

Make concrete quarterly and yearly plans every meeting. Think about what you want to see completed by the next meeting.

Customer feedback

Feedback, feedback and more feedback. These quarterly reviews are intended to help your IT partner provide better service to your organisation.

Speak up about ongoing problems that you and/or your team are experiencing. Provide both positive and negative feedback so your provider can go back to its team and either celebrate great service or improve poor service.

An industry-leading IT provider will always seek feedback. If your provider doesn’t like hearing feedback – or worse, ignores it – you should consider looking at alternative providers.

Action items

Wrap up your meeting up with some action items and responsibilities. Make sure you set deadlines for these action items so both you and your IT provider know what is expected of each other.

And lastly, don’t forget to schedule your next quarterly meeting.

What’s next?

Download our Quarterly Meeting Agenda template. Bring this template along to your next meeting so you can ask the important questions and hold your IT provider accountable.

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