Office 2016 Review: See what's new

R & G Technologies | October 14, 2015

Microsoft knows that the advancement of technology—particularly cloud computing services— has changed the way we work. In an effort to harness new technology to reinvent productivity, Microsoft has turned to the cloud and completely revamped Office 2016 to allow for easier sharing across all your devices.


Office is no longer desktop and laptop-centric; instead, Office 2016 documents can be created on your PC and then edited directly on your tablet or smartphone, without the need for frustrating manual file transfers.

It’s a brave new world out there for Office users. Let’s review the standout features of Microsoft’s all-new Office 2016.

Office 2016 Embraces the Cloud and Sharing


Office 2016 puts an intense focus on the ease of sharing across your various devices. You can save your documents, whether in Word, PowerPoint or Excel, directly to the cloud, and with the new focus on mobility, you can now access and edit those documents anywhere.

An exciting new feature of Office 2016 is Tell Me. Microsoft understands that not everyone is a Word wunderkind or a PowerPoint prodigy. Tell Me allows you to search, using natural language, for information on how to use the new (and old) Office. For example, you can say “How do I add a chart?” and you’ll be automatically led to the feature.

Office 2016 is now constantly updated with new versions and features, delivered seamlessly. These frequent updates ensure that Office 2016 is always improving. No longer will you have to wait three years for an improved version of Office.

Office 2016 Collaboration and Integration


Collaboration is at the heart of Office 2016. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than Word’s all-new, real-time co-authoring feature. Users can invite approved users and edit a document simultaneously. It’s live and in real-time. The only restraint is that you and your colleague can’t edit the exact same line at the same time.

Word also now offers a revamped version history, which can be found in the application's side panel. It lists all changes made by all users and is quickly accessible, allowing you to understand where incorrect edits have come from and to immediately revert to an earlier document version. In addition, Microsoft Outlook integration has been improved to allow you to quickly add and send recently-used OneDrive documents to your e-mail composition without ever dealing with a file dialog box.

Office 2016 Productivity Enhancements

Clutter is a new e-mail organization feature that aids in ridding your inbox of unwanted clutter. It works by tossing low priority e-mails into their own folders while highlighting high-priority messages. This narrows your focus and helps you to see important e-mails quickly and more clearly.

Sway is another new product from Microsoft. It acts as an intelligent melding of a word processor and keynote software, allowing for the swift creation of visually-arresting websites with the simple utilisation of text and images. It’s not a separate application; instead, it’s a web-based tool that can be accessed anywhere. Charts, videos and even tweets can live harmoniously alongside images. Sway is available as a completely complimentary tool.

Microsoft decided not to cram mobile, touch-first features into the core desktop apps. Rather, the company has created mobile friendly Windows 10 apps to complement the desktop Office programs.


Alternative office productivity applications have cropped up everywhere in the past few years, managing to carve their way into the market. Now, with Office 2016, Microsoft has managed to catch up, thanks to the power of the cloud and seamless document sharing.

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