How to use custom software to improve business performance

R & G Technologies | May 25, 2015

Custom software is designed for specific organisations and users. In contrast to software packages developed for mass market, custom software is commissioned and used by only one company.


Businesses build custom software solutions to address their unique business requirements. To continue to be a market leader and improve performance, leading businesses use custom solutions to support their new initiatives.

Let’s look at three ways you can use custom software to improve your business performance.

1. Speed up time-consuming reporting

Reporting is essential to help you make sense of raw data. Instead of digging your way through hundreds of rows and columns, you can build customised reports that summarise and represent all the important data you need.

SQL Server Reporting Services can be used to create, deploy and manage reports. By integrating it with your software applications, you can quickly export reports for analysis.

For example, picture your business with all your client information in a legacy database. To find the client information you need, you are restricted to one report that doesn’t include invoice information. Instead of manually digging through your system to find the latest invoices, you can build a new report that includes the invoice information you need.

2. Simplify complicated workflows

The modern business world is more competitive than ever. To gain an edge, you need to find ways to cut costs. Simplifying complex workflows is one way you can improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

Leading businesses use custom software to automate manual tasks. For example, instead of asking your employee to manually spend an hour collecting marketing information (visitors, leads and sales figures), you can build a solution that accomplishes this task in a couple of minutes.

Over time, this saves your team hours upon hours. This extra time can be spent on higher-priority work that adds more value to your business.

3. Modify an existing application

Out-of-the-box software applications are developed for mass market and rarely meet your individual business requirements. Custom software development can modify an existing application to make it work exactly the way you need it to.

For example, you might have an accounting application that does everything you want except create government reports that you need to file each quarter. In this scenario, you can build a custom solution that expands on your accounting application to handle these reports automatically.

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