How to complete a change request template with your IT partner

R & G Technologies | November 10, 2015

When an IT provider makes a change to an environment, all potential effects need to be considered. Change management involves having a rollback plan ready so that, if something goes wrong, you can revert the change quickly.


A change request form is required any time the configuration or design of a system is modified (regardless of complexity).

Since any change can have a significant impact on your organisation, you and your IT partner can’t make it without logging a request form. This form needs to be signed by both parties to ensure all stakeholders are aware of the change being made, the potential effects involved, and the reversal plan in case something goes wrong.

If your provider is not using a change request template, you can download this one for free.

There are four key areas that need to be completed.

1. What is the change and why are you making it?

The first step is to provide details of the suggested change. What do you want to change within your configuration or system? And most importantly, why?

What to include:

  • Timeframe for the change and brief description of the job
  • What business requirement is forcing this change?

2. Technical changes

Think about the technical changes that will take place. What is the impact on the site design? Will any dependencies be affected?

Does the change comply with best practice standards? Have you considered alternative, perhaps more efficient, methods?

3. Risks to consider

Outline the risks the change might pose to your IT environment, your vendor support agreements, and your own IT agreement.

4. Rollback plan

Clearly articulate the steps to be taken should the change fail or encounter serious problems. In other words, how will you revert any changes in the event that things don’t go according to plan?

Next steps

By following this process, you can stay on top of potential changes, and ensure potential impacts to your IT environment are minimised.

Download our Change Request template and use it when requesting all changes.


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